Farm & Ranch

Structures to protect your valuable equipment and stock

It came to you in a dream…Buy the farm! So, you bought the farm. Now what? We know it’s a little daunting. Stay calm.  We know what’s next and we are ready to help. You can call us to talk about it, 7-days a week, (0420 361 450). We have really good listeners here, or you can keep reading.

My Patio knows what the riggers of our harsh weather can do to your Farm and Ranch equipment, not to mention your livestock!  Equipment is expensive. Protection is a relatively inexpensive option to prevent damages that can render your equipment inoperable and unusable. Sun, wind and rain can all wreak havoc on your vehicles and equipment. Why take a chance? Protect them all today utilising a My Patio Farm & Ranch System. We have an entire library of farm and ranch designs that will stand up to the weather as well as all the menacing bumps and bruises on your farm or ranch.  A library! We only say library when we have a lot to choose from!  All of our custom designs use low-maintenance, high-quality materials and workmanship to create the structures you need on your farm or ranch.  We can help you protect that 40-year old tractor, that brand new harvester or those all-important ATVs you use to run back and forth between pastures, let us help you plan the best protection money can buy.

Let’s talk about your stock. Can you stand to be out in the sun all day or pelted by rain and hail? Of course not! Get your stock undercover quickly using one of our Farm & Ranch designs to keep them safe and protected because sunscreen for cows and horses takes a really long time to apply and the hail will just knock them silly. Rain is ok, but once showered and clean, it’s time to get them undercover and allow them to dry off. No one wants to go back in the barn soaking wet!

Our powder-coated Bluescope® steel is amazingly strong. Its cyclone rated! Superman® uses our steel carports to wrangle his stock! (Not really, but we like to think he would!) Keep your equipment protected and your stock wrangled! Call us today, 0420 361 450. We have talented designers on standby to discuss options with you. We can also send them out on the road to visit your site and go over everything with you right there in the comfort and privacy of your own location! Don’t worry…we’ll feed them first.

Don’t delay. Protecting your assets is paramount.  We want you to have money left over for the really fun stuff, not replacing damaged equipment! We’re thinking garden Pergola, new Patio, entertainment space? How about you?